New Paradigm Solutions, Inc.


Experts in Community Partnering

and Consulting


New Paradigm Solutions is the cost effective alternative to the Management Company.

NPS is not the traditional senior community management and consulting services company.  We are an organizational development partner ready to help you grow your mission. We keep you in a decision making role, while we ensure competent leadership presence at all times within your community.  We sit on your side of the table in helping you develop your organization.  In contrast, traditional management companies become adversarial, sitting across the table from ownership or governance.


NPS brings vision, execution, action, transparency and talent to your organization.


NPS purposefully will not employ much overhead, as we are a partner manager on your behalf.  Our mission is to stay lean in order to remain nimble and keep costs down.


NPS has an extensive partner network instead of overhead. They are ready to be engaged as needed on your terms and will leverage effectiveness and maximize efficiency necessary to execute your vision.


As such, you will find our costs very competitive, our outcomes better, transparency greater, and more financial benefit left on the table for growing your mission.


We are cost effective.  We can bring margin to your mission.  We can show you how you can afford us.

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